Unitech Applications can help you with a 3M vinyl wrap in Binghamton, Erie, Niagara Falls or Rochester.  You don’t have to settle for ordinary when you can get a 3M vinyl wrap at a cost-effective price.

When it comes to vehicle wraps you not only want to use a good quality vinyl such as 3M, you also want to use a professional and accredited installer. Unitech Applications is a 3M Certified Preferred and Master Certified vinyl graphic installation Company tested with the PDAA (Professional Decal Application Association) and UASG (United Applications Standards Group). Unitech has been installing in the graphics industry for more than 3 decades.


The last thing you want is for you wrap to come apart long before due date. If you rely on a “backstreet” installer who uses low grade vinyl your wrap will come apart and it will cost you a lot of money.


3M vinyl wraps can be installed on a variety of surfaces including buildings, cars, trucks, vans, boats, trains and buses. Whether you want a building wrap of a vehicle wrap, you need to insist on 2 things.

  • High quality vinyl such as 3M
  • A professional installer such as Unitech Applications


3M vinyl wraps are available in a variety of styles and material finishes such as brushed metal, carbon fiber, gloss finish, matte finish, neon fluorescent and satin.

There are several benefits to 3M vinyl wraps:

  • Aesthetics – improves the look of your car or boat
  • Value – adds value as opposed to devaluation associated with paint jobs
  • Protects – Vinyl wraps protect the surfaces they are applied to
  • Removable – 3M vinyl wraps are 100% removable
  • Cost effective – costs less than a paint job

If you want a 3M vinyl wrap for your car or boat, then you need look no further than Unitech Applications.

.3M Vinyl Wrap in Niagra Falls, Rochester, and surrounding areas, including Erie & Binghamton, and offering Auto Wraps, Trailer Wraps, Bus Wraps, Fleet Wraps.

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