Thanks for visiting our Rochester, New York vinyl wrap information portal. Our company, Unitech Applications, has been serving the business community in this area for nearly four decades, so we feel a deep connection to its residents. This Monroe County city offers great higher educational opportunities, and it is one of the foremost centers of commerce in upstate New York. It is a great place to run a business, and our fleet graphics can bolster your bottom line. If you are in North Greece, Clifton, West Chili, Maplewood, Brookdale, or any other part of the city, for vehicle wraps in Rochester, NY, Unitech Applications is the trusted resource.

The Most Effective Form of Outdoor Advertising

Many people would guess that billboards are the best way to reach people who are out and about, and there is nothing wrong with billboard advertising. However, a billboard can only be seen by people who are passing by that specific location. Things are entirely different with auto wraps, trailer wraps, truck wraps, and bus wraps, because they are essentially mobile billboards.

If you work with us on a Rochester, New York vinyl wrap design and installation project, your fleet graphics will transform your vehicles into mobile billboards. Believe it or not, a single vehicle that carries an advertising message on fleet wraps will be seen about 50,000 times a day on average. This translates to millions of impressions annually, and you can multiply this number if you have more than one vehicle on the roadways. That is a great deal of reach for a single, relatively affordable investment.

Contact the Rochester, New York Vinyl Wrap Experts!

When you engage our company, you are working with authentic professionals rather than glorified hobbyists. 3M vinyl wraps are the cream of the crop when it comes to car wraps, and we are proud to be able to say that we are 3M Preferred vinyl wrap installers. Plus, in addition to the work that we do with vehicle wraps, we also create and install window graphics. Window decals can stand alone, or you can use window clings along with your vehicle wraps.

If you would like to discuss a vinyl wrap and/or window decal project with one of our knowledgeable Rochester, NY fleet graphics consultants, we can be reached by phone right now at 585-768-2500 or 888-997-2748.