A Complete Site Survey Gives You An Accurate Assessment

Before any large project begins it is very important to obtain accurate and precise measurements of all elevations as well as any elements that may interact with the graphics, such as plug sockets, vents, existing signs, conduit and so forth. Conducting a retail site survey will address any issues with the walls, such as paint, or obstacles and recommend any further steps in order to make the areas suitable for installation. Surveys are also provided for vehicles as well. There are a lot of elements that could interfere with graphics integrity. Invest a little up front and save allot on the backend.

Why get a Site Survey:

  • Save reschedule fees and trip charges
  • Inconvenience of rescheduling with your customer
  • Save money on not having to print the job twice


  • Accurate measurements
  • Professional appraisal
  • Guarantees perfect graphics
Retail Site Survey Image 1
Retail Site Survey Image 2
Retail Site Survey Image 3